London Curry Laurel

7500 Montpelier RD# 104
Laurel MD 20723
+1 301-235-3999

Well known DC Restauranteur and Entrepreneur, Asad Sheikh is collaborating with Entrepreneurs Reggie Raj Arora, Priya Arora, and Renowned Chef Anil Kumar, in opening London Curry House in Laurel, MD.

“When I walked into DC London Curry House, I fell in love with the ambience, decor, the food and the service. I share a keen interest in restaurants and have multiple businesses myself. Asad and I share a love for India and England ( London) and since Asad’s idea was to merge these two countries, we decided to merge together to keep our love for Indian food with a London twist alive!”
⁃ Reggie Raj Arora

“I have been an award winning chef for 25+ years with extensive International experience specializing in Indian restaurants in both London ( England) and US. I am excited to bring my World-Class experience to London Curry House. Cooking is an art, and I am the perfect artist for the job!”
⁃ Anil Kumar, Executive Chef

“London Curry House is simply a dream. Not only is the food amazing, but the concept of bringing Indian food together from the special and unique taste of London, is what will keep everyone coming back. I am honored to be part of such a unique collaboration – to me, the main attraction is to have London Curry House bring the unique Indian curry flavors and a sense of togetherness across loved ones, by providing an unforgettable experience of casual Fine Dining!”
⁃ Priya Arora



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Business Hours

Mon – Thurs 12–3PM, 5–10PM
Friday 12–11PM
Saturday 12–3PM, 5–11PM
Sunday 12–3PM, 5–10PM

7500 Montpelier rd# 104
Laurel MD 20723
+1 301-235-3999